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Coco's Bistro Exterior
Coco's Bistro Site Plan
Coco's Dining Area
Coco's Dining Area
Coco's Dining Area

Coco's Bistro

Client: Coco's Bistro

Dayton, Ohio

Project Responsibilities: Concept Design, Construction Documents, Interior Design

Coco’s Bistro established itself as one of the premier restaurants and bars in the Dayton, Ohio, region. Thus, the design for its new, larger building needed to match its reputation and enhance the dining experience.

A bold exterior paint scheme with graphic murals sets a modern tone as diners approach the restaurant.

A large open dining room comprised of smaller seating areas is defined with changes of floor elevation and built-in booths. Located at the opposite side of the building is a large bar and a covered outdoor dining area. The bar has additional seating for more casual dining.

The project maintained the original exposed barrel vaulted roof trusses to create an open feel and utilizing a dark rich color pallet to create a sense of intimacy.

Two separate private dining areas can be opened to become one large private dining room with presentation equipment for seminars and conferences. When not in use, this area opens up to become part of the main dining room. Each dining room has a view into an enclosed courtyard with extensive landscaping and low voltage lighting, creating an attractive view for the diners.

The primary paved parking lots are extensively landscaped, and the overflow parking lot is a “green” parking area constructed with pavement materials that allow water to penetrate into the ground and not into a storm sewer. Located near downtown Dayton, the new site was developed from an original property consisting of three buildings on nine lots. The concept design incorporated the two adjoining buildings but razed the third. The City of Dayton approved combining the lots into one and granting seven zoning variances to make the project viable.