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Major Renovation and Miscellaneous Improvements

Client: Private Client

Dayton, Ohio

Project Responsibilities: Problem investigation and analysis, concept design, construction documents, interior design, and construction observation

This residential renovation began with a phone call from the homeowner requesting an investigation into a roof leak in the kitchen. It soon became apparent that the cause of the leak was one small symptom of a much larger problem. The investigation revealed widespread structural moisture damage of the entire building envelope from the foundation to the roof. The damage was caused by a combination of factors, including poor workmanship and design flaws involving ventilation.

Chambers Architecture worked with a general contractor, Structures Building Solutions, to develop and implement a multi-step reconstruction program, including:

  • All limestone veneer and slate caps were removed, wood floor framing repaired or replaced, and new heavy-duty flashing was installed. Existing limestone and slate was reinstalled incorporating a weep system to allow moisture to drain from behind the stone.
  • The exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) was removed and the plywood sheathing was repaired or replaced. A new, thicker EIFS system with water-drainage characteristics was installed to increase the insulation properties and drain incidental moisture to the exterior.
  • Roof and soffit framing was repaired or replaced with new material and a two-inch air cavity was created above the insulation for ventilation. Perimeter soffits and fascia vents were installed to be used in conjunction with solar powered ventilators on the roof interior to ventilate air and moisture between the insulation and roof deck.
  • A new heavy-duty roofing membrane was installed that incorporated industry recommended flashing details.
  • All existing structural framing with any indication of mold was treated and sealed.
  • Exterior patio and walkway slate was removed and reinstalled in new mortar beds and sealed to repel moisture.
  • Exterior mahogany doors and window trim was refinished.

In addition to the reconstruction work, several other projects were completed at the home, including:

  • Extensive landscaping, including foundation plantings and larger conifers and deciduous trees located throughout the 5 acre property.
  • The existing HVAC system was modified to be more energy efficient and incorporate fresh air for a healthier interior environment.
  • Miscellaneous casework was added or modified in the master bathroom and hall areas. New mahogany shutters were designed and constructed to screen the corner windows in the bedrooms.
  • All interior wall and ceiling surfaces were repaired and repainted with new colors.
  • Ceiling fans and accent light fixtures were selected and installed.