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Exterior View of West Side of House
Exterior View of East Side of House
Custom Windows to Match Existing
New Cooking Fireplace in Renovated Keeping Room
Reuse of Historic Cabinetry in New Master Bathroom
Reuse of Historic Cabinetry in New Master Bedroom 1
Reuse of Historic Cabinetry in New Master Bedroom
Reuse of Historic Cabinetry in New Master Bedroom 2
Reuse of Historic Door and Transom
Reuse of Historic Door Hardware
Second Stair in Renovated Keeping Room

Addition and Renovation of Historic Residence

Client: Private Client

Lebanon, Ohio

Project Responsibilities:
Concept Design, Construction Documents, Interior Design

This residential renovation brought modern amenities to a 19th Century home while enhancing the Shaker influences and architectural features both inside and out.

The original home was built in 1840, with an addition in 1870.

The renovation included overhauling the first floor of the 1870s addition, adding a cooking fireplace, enclosing an existing back porch for year round use, and constructing a new master suite addition.

The master suite addition will help the owners remain in the house as they age. Wheel chair accessible, the suite features a master bedroom, master bath with wheelchair accessible shower, walk-in closet and guest bathroom off the connecting hallway.

The addition was built with salvaged materials collected by the owner, including floor boards, cut nails, door hardware, panel doors, transoms and door hardware. The new insulated windows were custom made to match the detailing of the existing windows, including flared side jambs and the utilization of old glass.

The built-in gutters and eave molding on the new addition was carefully constructed to match the existing eave detailing.

The space was specifically designed to accommodate historic Shaker furniture pieces collected by the owner from across the country.

The foundation was constructed with salvaged stone, and new sand-mold brick was carefully chosen to match the size, texture and color blend of the existing brick. Historic lime-based mortar mix was used to mimic the properties of existing mortar.

The renovation also incorporated a closed loop geothermal heating and cooling system for the entire house.