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Tadmor Station Front Elevation
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Tadmor Station Side Elevation
Tadmor Station Site Plan
Tadmor Station Historical Interpretive Site
Tadmor Station Historical Interpretive Site
Tadmor Station Historical Interpretive Site

Tadmor Station Historical Interpretive Site

Client: Five Rivers MetroParks

Vandalia, Ohio

Project Responsibilities: Historical Research, Master Planning, and Cost Estimating

The Tadmor Station project consists of plans to develop a historical interpretive site at the remains of the 19th century rail station, located above Taylorsville Dam in Vandalia, Ohio.
Tadmor Village, where the station was located, was considered a major 19th century transportation crossroads, strategically located at the intersections of National Road, the Dayton & Michigan Railroad, the Miami & Erie Canal, and the Great Miami River.

The site is located along the Great Miami River Trail and the Buckeye & North Country Trail. This yet-to-be-funded project incorporates the following features:

  • Clear all vegetation from the canal bed within the interpretive area to allow visibility from both sides of the canal. Work to include restoration of the canal tow path between the river and canal.
  • Construct a historically accurate arched bridge over the canal that is based on 19th century photographs. The new bridge is to be constructed on the stone abutments from the original bridge and will allow access to the tow path on the opposite side of the canal.
  • Construct a shelter that will display large scale maps, historical photographs, and written descriptions of the village and how it was influenced by the four major modes of transportation that once converged at this location. The new structure is to be located along the Great Miami River Recreational Trail close to where the original Tadmor Station train depot once stood. The structure will incorporate architectural elements of the depot based on photographs of the original structure.
  • Construct a series of post-mounted display signs at remote locations along the trails within the interpretive site. These signs will display historic photographs and written descriptions at the remains of some of the more important village structures, including the post office, the National Road Bridge, the canal sluice gate, the general store, and the nine mile canal aqueduct over the river.

The project was a collaborative effort between Chambers Architecture, Five Rivers MetroParks and volunteers from the State of Ohio Historical Society and local historical groups.